Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Feel Differently About

I have decided that since I cannot really film Top 5 Wednesday videos, I will do them on my blog! I love the August topics, but especially the one for today.
The topic today is books that we feel differently about now that time has passed. Whether we think they are better than we used to, or worse, or we re-read them and our feelings changed.
This list, in descending order, are my 5 choices.

Number 5:

3636 (2)


The Giver is a book I rated 2 stars on Goodreads and I remember thinking it was boring. But when I think back on the novel, I am always left remembering that I enjoyed the plot and I thought the story was good. So I think I might re-read this sometime soon to see if my feelings really have changed or if I still think it’s boring despite the great plot.

Number 4:


Anyone who knows me knows I despise the Shatter Me series with everything in my being. I have never really admitted this to anyone, but when I read the trilogy originally… I liked them. I started to hate Shatter Me after I finished the series and realized how well loved Aaron Warner was. He was such a despicable and disgusting character and seeing people love him made me hate this with a fiery passion.

Number 3:


When I read Heir of Fire I gave it 3 stars. And I maintain that rating. But my extreme dislike for the way Sarah J Maas has handled Chaol Westfall as a character has made me dislike her, and therefore will not continue past this book in the series.

Number 2:


For similar reasons as Heir of Fire, I really detest Sarah J Maas, almost more so in this series. She took a great romance with a clear direction and tore it apart to fit her perverse fantasies and now everyone is obsessed with the series. I personally find that a disgusting thing so I won’t continue past this and while I will maintain my 5 star rating because I loved this book, I hate the author and series now.

Number 1:

download (1)

When I read Hopeless I found it boring, but still rated it 3 stars. But the more I realized what I read, the angrier I got. In the end I changed my rating to 1 star and I rarely, if ever, change my ratings. But, for personal reasons, this book did not sit well with me and I still detest everything that happened in it with every fibre of my being and will go down in history as my least favourite book of all time.


So there’s my first Top 5 Wednesday on my blog! It’s a bit of a negative one, but I figure start negative and get positive as the month goes on.

I hope you enjoyed!


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Feel Differently About

  1. I have never read any material by S. Maas but your reaction to her books had me in stitches. When an author messes up a beloved character feels run deep :).


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