#readthemallathon sign up!!

I forgot to post my sign up TBR post to the readthemallthon readathon hosted by readatmidnight! This is an amazing 3 week long readathon (week 2 starts today) and has fun challenges!!

Here is the information post and sign up:


There is a bonus challenge that involves pages read/challenges completed/books completed giving you CP for a pokemon so the pokemon I will start with is


Poliwag gives me a start of 10cp because he can be evolved

My TBR (please keep in mind I have already read some of these as I read for an entire week)

Challenge 1

For this challenge I will be reading This Savage Song by VE Schwab as it is the first book in the Monsters of Verity series.

This book has 407 pages for a possible total of 41cp for my pokemon

Challenge 2

For this I aim to read Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover as that seems to be one that makes people cry and I have cried in other books by her.

This book has 385 pages for a possible total of 39cp for my pokemon

Challenge 3

For this challenge I will be reading The Vegetarian by Han Kang. This book is incredibly hyped right now!

This book has 183 pages for a possible total of 19cp for my Pokemon!


Challenge 4

I do not have anything picked out of this one so I will update the post when I decide what I will try to read.

Challenge 5

For this book I will read Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor. I don’t know if the romance in this is “epic” but it’s forbidden and I think that’s pretty epic.

This book has 513 pages for a possible total of 52cp for my pokemon

Challenge 6

For this challenge I will be reading Shadows by Paula Weston which is about angels.

This book has 400 pages for a possible total of 40cp for my pokemon

Challenge 7

The book I will read for this is The Girl in 6E by AR Torre. The cover is completely red.

This book has 352 pages for a possible total of 35cp for my pokemon

Challenge 8

I think for this challenge I will finally use this as a time to reread The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. I have not continued on with the series but I would like to and this is a good excuse for a reread.

This book has 488 pages for a possible total of 49cp for my pokemon

That being said, I have already completed 796 pages for a total of 80cp for my pokemon. I started with 10, changing my total to 90. As well I have completed 3 books so I add another 60cp, 20 for each book, and that brings me to 150cp. My pokemon can be evolved to poliwhirl at 150cp, giving me an extra 50cp, bringing me to 200. Add an extra 2cp per tweet with #readthemallthon and that brings me to a grand total of 204. Not a bad start for week 1.


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